Mama June
Total Gut Job in Former Home!!!
New Pics of the Damage

8/31/2019 1:00 AM PT

Mama June was living in such squalor before fleeing her house, it had to be totally gutted by the new owner … and we’ve got pics of the shocking conditions.

Neighborhood sources tell us there’s been constant demolition at June’s house over the last week to clear it out. You can see from the pics … everything from the kitchen to the bathrooms and bedrooms has been torn apart. Some rooms are stripped down to the drywall and subflooring.

Our sources say a family with 4 children is getting ready to move into the house, and it was so filthy they’ve decided to rip it up and start all over.

TMZ broke the story … June and her boyfriend, Geno, recently left the Hampton, GA home and have plans to buy an RV and tour the country.

As a result, her daughter, Alana — aka Honey Boo Boo — is now living with her big sister, Pumpkin.

Alana turned 14 on Wednesday, but it doesn’t appear June was part of the celebration. June’s family issued her an ultimatum last month, choose Geno or Alana. So far, she’s sticking with her BF.

As for her old house — it’s gonna need rehab and TLC. Not unlike June, if you ask her fam.